Campi Romanici

Schola aestiva Romaniae Minoris. Summer School of Romance Linguistics. July 2006, Friuli, Italy.


Romania Loqui

It is a project to elaborate telematics courses of Romance minorized languages. The first course that we have made is «Totu sas Paràulas», to learn the Sardinian language, recognized by the Universitat de Girona (University of Girona, Catalonia).

At the moment we worked for the Societât Filologjiche Furlane in the course «Lenghe Libare», that comprises of the linguistic policy of the Autonomous Region of Friuli-Venezia Julia.



Abracadabra is a project to make material related to infantile Literature (books, CD-Roms, notebooks of activities, ecc.) in Romance minorized languages.


Romania Alternativa

The situation of the lesser-used Romance languages is something really worrying. In all the States of the Romance Europe there are lesser-used, minorised or threatened languages, where most of them are Romance languages, the same as the official ones. As speakers of these languages we have thought that it would turn up to be interesting to join our forces to fight against forgetfulness and the death of our languages before it is too late. Therefore a group of sensibilised people intend to devote our work to ellaborate a manual of Romance sociolinguistics, in which general matters of sociolinguistics will be explained and then the threatened languages will be presented individually.