Intructions for authors

Deadline calendar

Any individual interested in sending us their collaborations can do so all over the year to our address <i n f o @ i a n u a e d i t o r a . c o m>. However, Ianua's Editorial Board will make a call for papers once a year, where a deadline will be set. The call will be sent to the members of Romania Minor, collaborators of previous issues, specialised internet forums and university and research institutions in Spain, Europe and America.

The acceptation of the articles will be communicated to the authors within a period not longer than two months after they send their collaborations.

All the manuscripts will respect the norms described in the style sheet style sheet.

Original contribution selection process and arbitration

For any received contribution Ianua will appoint two external evaluator readers, who will individually value the said contribution. In the event that one of the reports is negative, a third reader will be appointed in order to decide whether the contribution can be published or not.

If an article is accepted, Ianua will send the authors the reports written by the readers in order to perform the necessary corrections. Since that moment, the authors will have one calendar month to return their manuscript corrected. In case the authors do not send any corrected version or disaffirms the publication of the article in the given period, the editors of the journal will publish the article according to the version valued by the readers, which does not involve that the editors of Ianua cannot include the opportune typographic changes.

Galley proof

After editing the articles the editors of Ianua will send a copy or a galley of the article so that authors will have two calendar weeks to include the required typographic, spelling or style modifications. If no modification is included, the editors will consider that the edition is correct.


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